If you are here, you are probably facing online violence in your digital spaces and social media. We believe you!

VitaActiva is a three step guide to support, empower and accompany you to face online harassment and gender based digital violences.


Follow the steps, the order does not alter the result.

CONTACT US, we can help out to change the situation you are facing.


You are not alone <3

#VitaActiva is a community where we are all connected, to ask for help, to be present for one another, to plan things together, get your mind off things. Contact us, apoyo@vita-activa.org

Take a digital break

It is possible to unplug from your devices or the social media where the violence is comming from. Nobody said you could not switch them off and deal with them tomorrow…

Meditate (5-10 min daily)

  • Find a quiet space, sit or lie down
  • Try to stay present in your body
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Inhale and exhale counting to five each time
  • Feel your body relax and quiet down
  • Try to do this everyday in the mornings and evenings

Follow our guided meditations on Sound Cloud


  • Define your narrative
    • Please describe the event that brough you to us in the most acurate way possible, using your own words. Write, record, film, use pictures, what ever makes you feel you are controlling your narrative.
    • What is currently worrying you the most? What would you like to tackle first?
  • Document, it is very important
    • Document the aggressive content you have received (screen shots, pictures, messages)
    • Think of what your next steps could be:
      • Technical Support
      • Legal Support
      • Sorority Circles


  • Evaluate the risk you are in and share it with us and/or a person you trust. You can email us at apoyo@vita-activa.org
  • Focus on your safety
  • Analyze the content you have received it -who might have generated it, what kind of information it contains, how did it reach you?-
  • Block the user who is aggrieving you, it is important to stop being in contact with the person who is harrassing you

Create a plan

What do you wish for?

Connect your wish and your problem. Choose a wish that you can achieve in the next four weeks, realistically.

¿What is your ideal result?

If your wish was to be realized, what point in your life will you be in, then? What is the best part of your wish being realized? How will you feel when your wish is realized? Detect your best possible result and take a minute to imagine it in the most detailed way possible.

What is your first internal obstacle?

What inside you is preventing you from realizing this wish? It can be an emotion, an irrational idea or fear. Think about it. What is it really? Detect your main interior obstacle and take a moment to imagine it in the most detailed way possible.

Make a plan

What can yo do to overcome your obstacle? Think of your plan asking yourself the following question: “If…(obstacle), then…(action or thought).

More at http://woopmylife.org/

Look at the guide lines social media providers offer. Lets talk about them.